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SKIN TECH Chemical Peel
Easy TCA Classic 24
Partial Social Downtime
No age limitation
Teenagers' SKin Problems
I²PL™ Clinic, Intense Pulsed Light Technology
The light that erases skin damage
I²PL™ treatment improves sundamaged skin, skin texture, acne, facial veins, redness and freckles
Treats Pigmenation
Removal of Port Wine Stains (PWS)
Read all about I²PL™ treatment and make your appointment today!
Cosmelan® Depigmentation Treatment
Beneficial for acne patients
Procedure is non-invasive
Effective in treatment of melasma and cholasma
Suitable for allskin types, irrespective of sensitivity
Peeling rejuvenates and restores luminosity of the skin

Equalises skin tone;Increases skin luminosity; Reduces and eliminates acquired skin blemishes of melanic origin

IPL + topical 5-ALA PDT Photorejuvenation

Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)
Administration of Photosensitizer
Light therapy stimulates
Skin Rejuvenation
Minimum downtime

Accent® Cellulite treatment, Skin Tightening and Body Shaping
The Accent® procedure is the only non-invasive subdermal treatment that delivers skin soothing, reduction of cellulite, skin rejuvenation, skin tightening, renewed body and facial contours and new collagen. Collagen is the building blocks that provide structure to your skin.

RF Radio Frequency
RF Radio Frequency technology is non-invasive
Delivers heat deep to stimulate collagen
Contouring along the jaw line
Tightening of loose skin under chin
Smoother skin
Youthful appearance
Read all about RF treatment and make your appointment today!

Acne Facials
Acne treatment duration is from 45min up to one hour
Chemical Peels depending on medication or condition
Chemical Peels - Neostrata
Acnevelle tablets available here!
For a free consultation, call us on 012-809 6090 to make an appointment.

Pharos Excimer Lasers for Psoriasis, Vitiligo and Alopecia Areata

Alopecia Areata
Advanced UVB Laser Phototherapy
First in South Africa for Psoriasis and Vitiligo
Fast clearing and long remissions
Most effective with less treatments
See significant results in 2 - 3 weeks!

Chemical Peels

Radiant looking skin
Lightened hyperpigmented areas
Smooth unblemished skin
Supple and more elastic skin
Youthful appearance
Neostrata : 20%, 35%, 50% & 70% plus booster pad

Available from Advanced Dermatology now!



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Cancellation Policy
As a courtesy to our therapists and other clients we require at least 24 hours notice should you need to cancel or rearrange an appointment. Missed appointments will incur a cancellation fee of R200-00, effective immediately. Appointments & Cancellations - 012 809 6090 / 89 / 94

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