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Lizelle Lombard
(Somatologist and Makeup Artist)

“I have been a client at Advanced Dermatology since 2008 and never looked back! I recommend the Ellipse IPL treatment for anyone that struggles with sun pigmentation, small red veins or just need an overall rejuvenation of their skin! I can highly recommend Louise Krause.”

Shelley Hermans

“Over the years, I have only had good experiences at Advanced Dermatology. I live abroad and regularly visit South Africa and every time I do, I book face and décollete Ellipse IPL treatments. The last treatments I had were a combination of Ellipse IPL for redness and sun damage. Additionally I had a combined Pixel Peel (with a Dermapen) and TCA Peel for texture and rejuvenation. Regularly people compliment my skin and comment that I look younger. This alone makes Advanced Dermatology one of my favourite places to visit!”


“I have been a client at Advanced Dermatology for many years and again I would like to thank Louise and the staff for their friendly and honest advice and most successful treatments. I had severe sun damage (you do stupid things when you are young) on my chest and was very sceptical when Louise suggested the Ellipse IPL treatment. Well, after two treatments my skin is smooth and no more brown spots…. I am highly impressed. I have referred many of my friends and they are all very happy with the results. Your vast range of products and variety of treatments (Dr Miems, I salute you as well!) are all we need. So girls, keep up the good work….your assistance in keeping us younger looking for longer is amazing!”

Mariette van Jaarsveld

“I have been with Louise from Advanced Dermatology since 2007 when I was referred by Dr Hardie de Beer and I cannot say enough good things about them. They are the best. They are a high calibre institute with honest, helpful staff and a comfortable setting. Already looking forward to my next appointment. I highly recommend them.”

Carol Mmakola

“I have not been to many skin doctors, but I could not have been happier after seeing Marina. I am extremely happy that I found a good clinic for all my skin care needs paired with quality service from caring personnel. Marina did a fantastic job of clearing my acne and uneven skin tone. Skin care is a lifestyle and is all about maintenance and improvement. I have been with Marina and Advanced Dermatology for almost two years. Marina is gold, your skin will thank you, trust me! She is always on time, honest and explains the benefits and drawbacks of procedures and products. The clinic is clean with efficient service and the team is always welcoming.

Thank you for making my melanin skin look radiant.”


“My name is Sipho and I am a 28 year old man that suffered from acne since I was in my late teens. My journey with Advanced Dermatology started last year around July from a referral by a friend stating that “I had nothing to lose”. I had tried every treatment, diet, exercise and still my skin was not improving. I did not have a lot of faith at first, but after the first treatment I could not believe how well my skin responded. It has never looked this good in ages. After a few months of treatments, you could not even tell I once suffered from acne…. It is almost magical as my confidence has increased and taking pictures is now one of my favourite hobbies.”


“I have been a client of Advanced Dermatology for more than 7 years and have always received excellent service. The treatments and products are of the highest standard. My therapist, Marina, has exceptional knowledge in her field and is always professional but also very friendly and accommodating. I love the vibe there – you can see that everyone is enjoying what they are doing and will go out of their way to make a client happy.”

Graham Thompson

“I have been a client of Advanced Dermatology for over four years now and I can truly say that the treatments I have received over the years, have not only improved the look of my skin, but my overall self-confidence too! I have never been disappointed with any of the treatments I have received and love the clinics clean and welcoming environment. I would recommend Advanced Dermatology to anyone!”

Sonia Nys

“I have had skin treatments at Advanced Dermatology for a number of years now, in particular with Madeleen and Dr Miems. Shortly before a series of family weddings, Madeleen suggested I should do Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy and Dermapen treatments. These treatments have made the world of difference! So many of my family members commented on the visible improvement. Not only are these two ladies professional with fantastic advice but they really care about you as their client.”

Marina Gouws

“As a young girl and woman I have struggled with Acne that left terrible scars on my face. After many failed treatments elsewhere, I nearly gave up. About two years ago, I came across Advanced Dermatology. My therapist, Madeleen suggested a series of Chemical peels and Dermapen treatments. My skin texture has improved tremendously and I look and feel so much younger. A big thank you to Advanced Dermatology for my new self!”

Christine du Plessis

“I have been struggling with acne forever. I was hoping that when I turn 30 that it would improve, but it did not. Same with 40! I was getting despondent, until someone referred me to Advanced Dermatology. I went to Madeleen and she changed my life forever. The treatments and products she suggested cleared my skin within a few weeks. If I see my skin is starting to break out, I immediately contact the clinic. The confidence you get from a clear skin is incredible!”

Ilse de Villiers

“What a privilege to be a part of this dynamic team. You become a part of the family and Advanced Dermatology becomes a lifestyle. Improving my skin and making me feel great….it’s worth every cent.”

Marietjie Schoeman

“I had sebaceous hyperplasia removal and my husband, xanthelasma removal with the Lamprobe device. It is a very quick, effective treatment, with minimal discomfort. The healing time was fast and both of us are very happy with a more even skin texture. Highly recommended! ”


“Ek sukkel al die afgelope 40 jaar met psoriase. Het ongeveer 15 jaar gelede die eerste keer ligterapie ontvang. Die resultaat was ongelooflik. Dit het vir baie lank goed gegaan. Die praktyk het van Pretoriusstraat in Arcadia verskuif en my soektog na hulle het begin. Ek het hulle na n grootskaalse soektog onder oorlede Dr. Hardie de Beer (Dermatoloog) opgespoor. Het n jaar gelede weer met behandeling begin. My vel was baie gevoelig, kolle was rooi en seer veral die op my bobene as ek gesit het. Isabel is n kenner en tussen haar en die “narrow band” ligterapie kon ek vir die eerste keer in jare sien dat my vel skoon is van letsels. Ons weet almal dit kan nie volkome genees word nie, maar dit word in remissie gehou en jy kan sonder pyn en ongemak en sonder kortisoon salwe, wat nie werk nie, n normale lewe lei. Ligterapie is al wat regtig help. Probeer dit gerus”.

Elsabe Van Der Merwe

“Hi Isabel!

You are not going to believe the picture I am sending to you……. This is me….. Floating on a pink lilo in the Mediterranean …. IN A BIKINI!!! My skin has not looked this good in MANY MANY years. For the first time in almost 10 years was I not scared of the stares I would get walking around in short sleeves and in summer clothes!! I made a conscious decision years ago not to take any oral medication for controlling Psoriasis as I felt the damage to other organs outweighed the benefit to my skin. I have been suffering from this dreaded disease for more than 30 years. The option to make use of UVB narrow band to clear my skin before I came on holiday, was the best decision I have ever made…… after only 15 sessions my skin had a dramatic improvement and I was tanned as well. After a hard day’s work, with a lot of stress, I now spend more than 2 hours a day in the ocean. The combination of sun and salt water is magic for my skin and general state of mind…

I want to recommend this treatment to any individual suffering from Psoriasis”.

Renuka Jungbahadur

“By chance, I found out that there actually was a treatment for Vitiligo. I attended a consultation and thought that by trying the treatment out, I had nothing to lose. The treatment offered by Advanced Dermatology has given me new hope. Although I have been receiving this light treatment since 2011, the progress has been slow, but is definitely visible. My family and friends were amazed at the impact it has made on my life, both physically and emotionally. I am very confident using this light treatment as it is safe and I have no negative side effects, except for occasional redness and blisters. There have been times where a month or so would have passed where I have not attended the light treatment, however, this did not deter me and I persevered even when I felt progress was slow. Looking back, I am glad that I did because my results have spoken for themselves. There is definitely light at the end of the tunnel (no pun intended) and all it takes is commitment and dedication!”

Sulet Nel

“Ons dogtertjie is in Oktober 2016 gediagnoseer met Vitiligo. Alhoewel die auto-immuun siekte nie genees kan word nie, help die behandeling van Dr. De Beer en Isabel von Wielligh by Advanced Dermatology ongelooflik baie. Die aan smeer van verskeie rome as ook die “UVB narrow band en Excilite” behandeling is nie indringend nie en kan vol gehou word met goeie resultate. Ek hoop dat elke persoon wat met Vitiligo gediagnoseer word se pad met hierdie wonderlike span mense kan kruis. Daar is verseker hoop en sukses in die behandeling van Vitiligo!”

Johan Wright

“I have Vitiligo for 15 years, I have tried various products without any success. When it spread to my face and arms, I knew then I must get help because my confidence took a major dip. I have searched the internet for help and discovered UVB Narrowband lights helping to cure vitiligo. I’ve seen that Advanced Dermatology is helping patients with Vitiligo, using UVB narrowband lights, I’ve made an appointment and started immediately with treatment. Some spots on my arms and face got pigmentation back, after a few treatments. My face and hands look much better and I know that I still need treatments. This is not a short process and you must have commitment and perseverance for the treatment to really work”.

Aqueda Abreu
advanced dermatology vitiligo before
advanced dermatology vitiligo after

“I have been to numerous amounts of doctors all around South Africa, they have all said the same thing…. “There is no cure”. I have googled for answers and have tried many “at home” remedies to try beat this skin condition that has reigned over my life for 23 years. A year ago I was in a deep depression over the never ending growth of the spots on my skin. Never going out, always hiding my body under layers of clothes and covering my face with tons of make-up, just so that no one would see the monster I was becoming. I cried myself to sleep every night and prayed endlessly for some kind of miracle to release me from this condition that enslaved me all my life. I felt trapped in my own body.

Until about a year ago, my mother found an ad on google for UV treatment for Vitiligo in Pretoria. She was extremely positive about it and got even more excited when she read that the first consultation was for free. At the beginning, I was very sceptical, and told her I had doubts it would work for me, as many things had failed in the past. After a couple of months of constant nagging on her part, I finally agreed to give it a go, but had no faith in it. I had accepted defeat. I tried the treatment a few times and saw no difference, I was about to give up, until I decided to give it just two more weeks to make sure. That very week I saw some tiny spots of my skin poking through the vitiligo, I couldn’t believe my eyes! There after I kept on going to more treatments and every time my skin started to show more and more. Finally there is something that works! Fast forward to today and about 80% of my vitiligo is gone, and I can finally wear dresses again and go swimming in my bikini with nothing covering my body, there was no more shame.

I am truly grateful to have come across something that works so well without putting on any creams or taking any medication, just a few minutes of UV a week. This has been the best blessing I have ever had in my whole life and I am truly grateful to Isabel and her exceptionally friendly staff for taking such good care of me and bringing my confidence back, I highly recommend this to any people out there suffering from Vitiligo, it really works and is very affordable”.


“After a very stressful period, I suddenly developed Vitiligo on my face, neck, arms, wrists and lips. I visited several specialists / dermatologists, but none of their remedies were providing a satisfactory result for me. After extensive research on the internet, I came across the Advanced Dermatology website and decided I would give them a try as I was desperate for a solution. I made an appointment in July 2014 with Isabel and it’s been the best decision I have made.

I initially underwent both the UV lamp and Excilite treatments but after a while I began using only the Excilite laser. I had my treatment done once a week for two years and I’m happy to say that the pigmentation is truly significantly better! I had to stop the treatment for over a year due to work commitments but none of the vitiligo returned during this time. I’m now only left with a few spots on my face and neck and continue to have my treatment once a week with the Excilite laser. I’m very optimistic that it will soon all be pigmented and that I can once again lead a normal life.

Developing extensive vitiligo suddenly is a very traumatic and emotional thing to go through. Many people out there despair because there are very few treatments out there that work quickly and effectively. Also, this treatment is very affordable compared to other treatments. For anyone out there struggling with this condition, I would really recommend that you visit Isabel – you will not be sorry. She has been really been a gift from the heavens to me and I’m sure she’ll be the same to anyone else there needing help”.

Claire Mostert
advanced dermatology eczema

“I got such bad eczema on my hands after the birth of my baby boy and with the constantly sanitising with Covid-19 it was becoming unbearable. I was so used to my hands being in a constant state of agony and being super itchy. I had tried all the home remedies, all the fancy creams from the pharmacy and also cortisone treatments and nothing helped! I was at the end of my tether, which is why I sought the help of Advanced Dermatology. Isabel was able to provide me with immediate help and my hands were notably better after a few sessions and now my eczema is totally under control. It has been life-changing. I would highly recommend anyone who is experiencing issues with eczema to go to Advanced Dermatology.”

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